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Applied Fluid Power

As the world’s largest fluid power distributor, Applied Fluid Power and their network of companies is a resource for dedicated fluid power support and custom designed solutions. After acquiring more than 20 subsidiary sites all on different web platforms, AFP wanted to update their own web presence and unify the sites of their subsidiaries to present customers a cohesive network of sites. They also wanted to set up a future eCommerce offering for all sites.

To accomplish this, the Briteskies and AFP teams worked to replatform 16 websites to Magento within eight months. Using a cloud deployment of Magento’s content management and eCommerce systems allows AFP to connect their subsidiary sites and give customers a streamlined and consistent shopping experience. Additionally, as a B2B organization, the new AFP sites lean on Magento 2’s advanced B2B capabilities.

Since implementing B2B Commerce:

  • Customers clearly know they are shopping within the AFP network
  • Customers have access to inventory beyond just what their local dealer may provide
  • Over 2,200 customers have been connected with their local AFP subsidiary
Project Type: B2B Content Management and Future eCommerce
  • Magento Cloud 2
Why Magento:
  • Ability to host multiple sites on one instance
  • Ease of content management
  • Powerful B2B eCommerce capabilities

Huffy Bicycles

Huffy Bicycle is the largest volume bicycle supplier in the world, with two main web properties:

  • is where they sell parts and help customers find a local Huffy dealer.
  • is a new initiative to disrupt and penetrate a new market and help independent bike dealers do better business.

Huffy was looking for an eCommerce platform that allowed them to expand the web presence of their various brands from one instance. They chose Magento because of its ability to integrate with JD Edwards, its proven level of performance, and the fact that it’s a widely-used, sound solution.

Since integrating JD Edwards and Magento:

  • Huffy launched an innovative distribution strategy
  • Huffy can reach a new customer base
  • Bikers who value buying through local shops can have the same Huffy experience while supporting local businesses
  • Average Order Value: $2,000
  • Over 200 local store signups in the first 7 months
Project Type: Retail B2B and B2C
  • Magento 2.2.5
  • JD Edwards ERP
Why Magento:
  • Ability to launch multiple brands from a single instance
  • Ability to integrate with JD Edwards
  • Proven level of performance
  • Access to the Magento community

Working with Briteskies to implement our new eCommerce site was a very positive experience. Their methodology for the requirements to the implementation process was smooth and comprehensive. 

The Briteskies project team is easy to work with and has a thorough knowledge of the Magento platform. Their ability to match our requirements to existing product capabilities or to develop customized extensions and interfaces is excellent. 

I recommend Briteskies to anyone looking for a Magento implementation and really suggest that anyone considering an eCommerce site with an integration to in-house ERP systems talk to them. They have proven their ability to us that they know integration. 

Bill Bleem, ZOLL Medical

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W.S. Darley

Darley offers one of the most complete selections of firefighting equipment on their eCommerce site, Their site was operating on Magento Enterprise 1 as a primarily B2C shop, and Darley wanted to reach their B2B customers by integrating with their existing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne implementation.

The vast majority of Darley’s existing customers were in the B2B space and were previously shopping via catalog, sales representative, or by phone with a customer service representative. Fully integrating with the JDE backend functionality would allow those customers to order online, reducing human intervention on the ordering process, and increasing Darley’s eCommerce sales in general.

To meet these B2B eCommerce demands, Darley worked with our team to migrate their Magento instance to Magento Enterprise 2 and fully integrate that site to their existing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne environment.

Since implementing B2B Commerce:

  • Catalog, organizations, inventory, and pricing data is managed in one place
  • Eliminated manual data entry
  • Able to handle larger volumes of sales and grow their business
  • Nearly 16,000 items sold since launch
  • On track to increase sales total by 8% in 2019
Project Type: B2B Commerce Implementation and ERP Integration Project
  • Magento 2
  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
Why Magento:
  • Flexibility to add custom restriction codes
  • Ability to automate the flow of data between eCommerce and ERP
  • Addresses their specific eCommerce needs like reduced call volume and real-time inventory info


ZOLL Medical Corporation develops and markets medical devices and software solutions for emergency care, such as defibrillators. While the actual defibrillators and other devices are sold on a different sales channel, on their eCommerce site ZOLL was selling parts and accessories for these devices.

A common issue customers were experiencing was difficulty understanding which of the ZOLL products matched with the defibrillator they already owned. This led to customers purchasing incompatible items that needed to be returned. Between this confusion and ZOLL customers demanding a more modern eCommerce experience, ZOLL turned to Magento and Briteskies to update their eCommerce site.

Since implementing B2B Commerce:

  • 114% increase in monthly revenue
  • 83% increase in Average Order Value
  • 16% increase in orders per month
Project Type: First Responder
  • Magento 
  • Oracle E-Business Suite
Why Magento:
  • B2B abilities
  • Responsive design
  • Modern customer experience

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