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Does you B2B site look like a B2C site?

If not, you could be losing out on business opportunities.

The evolution of B2B sites, called B2B 2.0, is the migration of B2C functionality into the B2B world. Features and business process which were once only available in B2C sites are now finding their way into the new wave of B2B. 

Are visitors to your site able to find information about price and availability?
Is your website linked to your ERP system?
Are you interested in increasing your B2B revenue, decreasing costs and increasing customer satisfaction?

Check out our B2B Customer Experience White Paper to learn more about how this change can benefit your organization.

Bill Onion, Briteskies' Managing Director, has published several articles on the topic and offers some valuable suggestions for an organization to consider when taking the leap to an eCommerce site.

Bill's work was also cited in the MultiChannel Merchant 2104 eCommerce and Marketing Guide

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