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The Carlstar Group: a Magento and JD Edwards integration success story

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About Carlstar

The Carlstar Group is a leading manufacturer of original equipment and aftermarket specialty tires and wheels for the agriculture, construction, outdoor power equipment, power sports, and high-speed trailer markets. A manufacturing and distribution company of nearly 100 years, Carlstar sells their products to other distributors and retailers in the B2B space.


Corrected integration work of previous vendor



Enabled customer specific pricing loads and order creation

The Problem

Carlstar had an existing B2B implementation of Magento Enterprise Edition that was integrated to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. They were working on rolling out this solution to their customers, but the integration was causing issues in the first few instances. Carlstar’s existing integration between JDE and Magento was duplicating data between the two systems. Instead of Magento calling JDE for something like order history information, JDE orders were being loaded directly into Magento. In order to improve the user experience, they needed a tighter integration between the eCommerce software and their JD Edwards platform.

Due to our experience with these types of projects, Carlstar approached us to help improve their integration. Our team used our methodology of integration between Magento and JDE EnterpriseOne to overhaul their integration.

The Goals

  • Correct a poorly implemented existing integration project
  • Improve front-end user experience 
  • Simplify and organize business processes 
  • Accurately record data 
  • Remove duplication of data between systems

The Result

By updating the integration points, data is no longer duplicated and JDE remains the single source of the truth and system of record for Carlstar’s information.

Carlstar now knows that the data they see in JD Edwards is also what their customers are seeing.

Additionally, this strategy makes the integration much easier, cleaner, and more straightforward. The integration is more dependable, less resource-intensive, and is an all-around improvement over the prior integration.

To achieve this, Carlstar simply needed to leverage capabilities in JDE that they already had. No new tools were brought in and no new code was written; while a proper configuration was needed, everything they required was there and waiting to be used. With a proper integration between Magento and JDE using Business Services, Carlstar now has accurate, real-time information for their B2B eCommerce users.


Key Project Benefits:

  • Corrected integration work of previous vendor
  • Eliminated data duplication
  • Improved site performance
  • Enabled customer specific pricing loads and order create

The Briteskies team used an integration methodology to correct the integration between JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and Magento Enterprise Edition and provide accurate, real-time information for their B2B eCommerce users.

The Solution

  • Change the integration to include a live call from Magento to JDE through a Business Service that allows Magento to access customer-specific pricing on the fly
  • Integrate the order creation process with Business Services, which inserts an order directly into JDE using out-of-the-box capabilities
  • Complete enhancements using JDE configurations, so the integration points are cleaner and provide accurate order creation information
  • Replace the old process with a live call to JDE through Business Services, which provides Magento up-to-the-second updates of an order directly from JDE allowing Magento users to get timely order history information, and gives admin users the ability to see accurate order histories across all of their company’s channels and buyers
  • Creation of an omnichannel order history
“The Briteskies team really understands JD Edwards and Magento software, which was critical when they rebuilt our integration points between the two software environments. The new integrations streamlined our processes, cleaned up the integration pain points, and greatly enhanced the overall performance of the site."
Brent Glendening

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