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Forget the Business Process Analysis of the past – our agile process has us in and out in 2 days, and within a week you have an actionable list of priorities and strategies for the future.

Process flow evaluation

Are you missing a chance to automate any of your processes? What gaps exist between your JD Edwards software and your business processes?

Staff training

How often do staff members from different areas talk about how the company as a whole operates, or how their duties impact others in the organization? Have they implemented a process which can save someone else time and money?

roadmap for success

Are you ready to enhance your overall system performance but not sure where to begin? Would you be interested in a plan of action to get you started?

Get Started Today Improving Your Business Process Systems.

Process Automation

  1. Until you get the right mix of people in the room you may be missing key information in deciding what can be improved in your company.
  2. Staff may think an inefficiency is not a big deal - so they ignore it - until they learn that what they are doing may be causing pain for others in the production chain.
  3. Staff may also be unaware that there is a different, better way to handle one of their current business processes. An added bonus: the fix may already exist but is just not being used.

Corporate Expansion

  1. Mergers & Acquisitions - the addition of new staff, divisions, services, modules or creating an interface with another software system can cause heartburn within a business.
  2. A business process review can smooth your implementation process as it provides you a holistic view of your organization's software use.
  3. Identify training opportunities to reduce manual operations and duplicated processes.

Software Project

  1. Critical first step when contemplating a major software selection project, JD Edwards upgradeJDE implementation, or an integration between your ERP and another system i.e. (WMS, CRM, eCommerce).
  2. Maps out the “as-is” version of your business so that you can determine the “to-be” version on the new platform.
  3. Allows you to spend more time addressing budget, primary objectives, requirements, and how to manage expectations vs. wish list items. 

  • Materials are being physically moved around the shop floor without their movements being accounted for in the system.
  • Impossible to get an accurate inventory for raw materials, components, or finished goods until the production run is completed and work orders have been backflushed.
  • Until that backflush happened, anyone trying to locate a completed order or any of the materials needed to create that item didn’t know what materials were in process and where they are on the shop floor.
  • The solution to this problem already existed in the client’s arsenal but did not become apparent until the BPR was performed.  The RF device used to track an item from receiving to warehouse, could also be used to track the item from the warehouse to assembly.
  • Result: For a high volume-shop with quick moving inventory having insight into where items are at any given time is a huge win. Plus because they already had access to the technology it did not require any additional investment!

"Stepping out of the day to day business operations to reflect on what works and what could be going better was critical for us to move our business forward, a business process review with Briteskies is a powerful tool to support future business success."

Meeting schedule

  • Create a safe environment.
  • Several 1/2 day sessions work best.
  • Less intrusive for participants, allows participants to not get too behind in their duties.
  • Downtime protects against burnout.
  • Always have snacks available.
  • Additional tips to running your BPR

Team make up

  • Involve a lead from every functional area.
  • Include Finance, Distribution/Operations, Customer Service, Manufacturing and Purchasing
  • Invite other folks from each area as needed.
  • Critical to have senior management support to ensure success.


  • Review order lifecycle, can be time consuming but well worth it.
  • Promote dialogue by asking open-ended questions. 
  • Analyze and share all the information with the team.
  • Rate improvements based on impact and effort.

Summary of Findings 



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