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Improving your EDI systems is worth the investment.

Utilizing EDI more effectively, can lower your transaction costs by 31%.

In today's economic climate, businesses must keep pace with the growing demand for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), which includes:

  • Managing aging EDI systems
  • The need for more EDI automation
  • Juggling ever-changing data types, standards and protocols
  • Supporting existing projects with shrinking staff resources

Bring Briteskies in for a custom evaluation of your current EDI processes:

  • Interviews with executives and front-line team members to establish goals and evaluate skill levels
  • A technology evaluation of the tools being used
  • A deep dive into your EDI processes to map out your current system and troubleshoot issues you're currently having or may face in the near future
  • Recommendations with a priority matrix and implementation roadmap so you'll know what to tackle first
  • The ability and expertise to provide additional EDI resources to support your existing staff



Briteskies EDI Assessment


Our assessment includes a Priority Matrix with the low-effort/high-impact recommendations to wisely give you the most bang for your budget dollar!


Why choose Briteskies for all your EDI needs?

  • We have 20+ years experience.
  • We're available for consultation, staffing and development.
  • We recognize that every business is unique – our custom approach is tailored around your goals.