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Did your IBM i developer abandon you ?

If they were to leave next week, are you prepared to fill their role?


IBM i  customers may not be retiring from IBM i, but the developers who support it are. 

Many of the original applications from 1988 still run on it today – with few if any changes. However, many system administrators and developers that have devoted their careers to the IBM i platform are reaching retirement age.

Are you prepared to replace their knowledge and expertise when they leave?

Don't let an unexpected departure throw a wrench in your IBM i operations. By bringing us in to provide outsourced staffing resources instead of hiring someone full time, your company can save time and money while still having access to the right expertise to approach your unique IBM i / AS400 challenges.  

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Briteskies, as your IBM i outsourcing partner, can....

Nathan (IBM i Solutions Architect) quickly addresses any issues or concerns that may arise. As a result of this exceptional communication, he has developed a close working relationship with our team that is grounded in mutual respect and trust. We know that he is going to take care of us and our organization.  

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