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Learn how the scheduled end of support will impact your business and what steps you can take to minimize the risks.


An Operating System upgrade will affect all peripherals attached to the system. All third-party hardware systems will need to be reviewed to ensure they are compatible with the targeted release. These include peripherals like printers, RF devices, check writers, time entry devices, and other data capture devices.

third-party software

Third-party software packages need to be reviewed to validate that these systems will function properly on the new OS. Some of these packages include TL Ashford, ROBOT, Gumbo, DBU, SEQUEL, Hawkeye, CoolSpool, and others. Double check with the vendor to make sure that it will work with the specific target version.

JD Edwards World and E1 Considerations

Regardless if you are running E1 or World - this upgrade will impact you.

Depending on which version of World your organization is running on IBM i 7.1, you might need to update World as well as IBM i in order to stay in compliance and on a certified OS.

Learn more about how to upgrade your Operating System.

Are You Running IBM i 7.1? The Clock is Ticking

On April 11, 2017, IBM announced changes to the current IBM i Operating System. In the typical IT calendar, April 2018 is just around the corner.

Say Sayonara To IBM i 7.1 Next Spring

As this article from IT Jungle highlights, when support is shut down for any IBM i release, all of the licensed program products affiliated with that release are also withdrawn.

Balancing an ERP and IBM i Upgrade

IBM i 7.1 end of life is fast approaching, which means trouble not just for IBM i users, but those users who are also running a version of JD Edwards World that is not supported past IBM i 7.1


When support shuts down so does support of all licensed program products affiliated with your current OS release. While you can purchase a Program Service Extension, the supplemental, fee-based services that are available to cover these items can be costly.

IBM Upgrade Planning Documentation

Check out the official upgrade planning information provided by IBM regarding Operating System Release Planning


Most OS upgrades have prerequisite PTFs that need to be applied before the upgrade. Ideally, these should be applied well before the OS upgrade. This reduces the number of steps required for the OS upgrade and simplifies the upgrade weekend.


Warning! Not all license programs are included in the upgrade media. For example, the S/38 Utilities are not automatically included, and need to be specifically included in your order.


Periodically, with a new release of the OS, IBM drops support with certain pieces of hardware. It is critical for you to check the Preventative Services Planning Document for details on how this may affect your business.

Upgrading the Operating System on the IBM i platform can be a daunting task. Proper planning and research is the key to a successful upgrade and will ensure that your Operating System upgrade project goes smoothly.

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