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Benefits of Integrating Magento Commerce and IBM i / AS400

Improve your eCommerce presence and maintain your legacy site


Reap the rewards of a Magento and IBM i / AS400 integration

Did you know most B2B buyers are already 57% of the way through the buying process before the first meeting with a sales rep?

Integrating Magento with IBMI i / AS400 will:

  • Allow business logic to remain within the existing AS/400 system and enable the data to flow in real time to Magento, streamlining business processes and the path to purchase
  • Improve the functionality and user experience of your eCommerce site while maintaining access to the data stored on an existing ERP
  • Automate business processes, removing human error, reducing the cost of the transaction, and giving your team more time to tackle other problems
  • Take advantage of Magento marketing tools to increase your online presence

Results you can count on

A recent Magento and IBM i / AS400 integration project resulted in a 40%+ increase in conversions.



Don't believe us? Listen to our customers.

We now have more control over the website and its content, specifically promotions, than we have ever had before. For our customers there are big improvements, and it’s easier for them to find products on our website.”

Shawn Julian
Web Master, Magento and IBM i / AS400 integration client

We're not a general contractor, we're a trade specialist

Briteskies' integration solution is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We have developed a set of tools that we tailor to each unique situation to help our customers' ERP and Magento platforms communicate. 

Why choose Briteskies as your integration partner:

  • As a Magento Professional Solutions Partner and IBM Partner, our team has the experience and expertise to help your company reach even the most difficult eCommerce goals
  • For the past two decades, we've made it our business to help customers work smarter; from B2B commerce challenges to ERP optimizations, we support the power of your big ideas
  • We offer full-service digital marketing services to increase sales



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