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A JD Edwards Health Check is a critical evaluation tool used to:
  • Review your business processes
  • Identify training needs
  • Examine current features and functionality
  • Discover opportunities for improvement
  • Prepare for a software selection or upgrade project
  • Improve your B2B Commerce capabilities
  • Plan for significant business changes due to mergers or acquisitions

Forget the Business Process Analysis of the past – our agile process has us in and out in two days, and within a week you have an actionable list of priorities and strategies to help you reach your B2B goals for the future.


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Thanks so much for an awesome workshop… I have had a number of people thank me for doing this and everyone raved about your team and overall content. 

Julianna Farresta
eCommerce Project Coordinator
CVI Laser Optics

Why choose Briteskies?

We're not a general contractor, we're a trade specialist. Briteskies is not a cookie-cutter implementer; we customize our approach to our clients' needs instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach.


Key Benefits of a JD Edwards Health Check 

Find Process Flow Efficiencies

What gaps exist between your JD Edwards software and your business processes? When was the last time you reviewed key processes with your team?

  • Until you get the right mix of people in the room you may be missing key information in deciding what can be improved in your company.
  • Staff may think an inefficiency is not a big deal - so they ignore it - until they learn that what they are doing may be causing pain for others in the production chain.
  • Staff may also be unaware that there is a different, better way to handle one of their current business processes. 
  • An added bonus: the fix may already exist but is just not 
    being used.

Create a Roadmap for Success

Are you ready to enhance your overall system performance but not sure where to begin? Would you be interested in a plan of action to get you started? A JDE Health Check is what you need.

  • It is the critical first step when contemplating a major software selection project such as a JD Edwards upgradeJDE implementation, or an integration between your ERP and another system i.e. WMS, CRM, eCommerce, etc.
  • It helps you map out the “as-is” version of your business so that you can determine the “to-be” version on the new platform.
  • It allows you to spend more time addressing budget, primary objectives, requirements, and how to manage expectations vs. wish list items.

Become a B2B Leader

We've been solving B2B integration challenges since before it was cool. Worried about the business or technical challenges? With decades of B2B commerce expertise and proven results in industries from health care to cattle herd management, our team has unparalleled experience helping clients navigate the complex digital landscape. 

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Enhance your Training Program

How well are your processes documented and shared among staff? Have you brought on new staff recently or lost any long time staff members? How often do staff members from different areas talk about how the company as a whole operates, or how their duties impact others in the organization? 

  • A JDE Health Check can provide staff an opportunity to get on the same page and share best practices with others.
  • Perhaps  a staff member has implemented a process that can save someone else time and money. A review of your business processes can uncover these hidden gems.
  • By reviewing processes together, you can identify training opportunities to reduce manual operations and duplicated processes.

Receive Actionable Recommendations

The best part is what you get out of it. Upon the completion of your JD Edwards Health Check, you will receive a comprehensive report outline including:
  1. An on-site presentation to review the Summary of Findings for each functional area reviewed
  2. A score for each category - people, processes, and technology
  3. An Implementation Matrix describing the Health Check recommendations in more detail

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