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eCommerce Solutions for JDE EnterpriseOne

Create an eCommerce website that integrates seamlessly with JD Edwards

Need an ERP2Web Replacement?

With ERP2Web support sunsetting, many JD Edwards E1 shops are in need of a new eCommerce integration solution

As JD Edwards partners we know the ins and outs of EnterpriseOne implementations and integrations. With many E1 shops losing their eCommerce solution, our team is ready and available to help design, deliver, and test new eCommerce integration solutions that work, functionally and technically, with your existing JDE World or EnterpriseOne ERP.


eCommerce Experts

As Magento, now Adobe Commerce, integration partners our eCommerce team are experts at creating B2B and B2C websites that feature the user experience your customers expect and the marketing capabilities your company needs.

JDE Functional Experts

Whether you need help automating warehouse processes, matching inventory and pricing structures, or creating overlays according to unique customer specifications, our JD Edwards experts can help architect, design, and test the necessary processes.

JDE Integration Experts

With deep-seated knowledge of JDE Edwards, our technical programmers seamlessly connect front-end websites with backend data in the ERP. Whether running World or E1, a JDE eCommerce integration solution allows customer and order data to flow back and forth, keeping order and customer information organized in the ERP.

Elevate Your JDE eCommerce Solution with a Magento Integration

Utilize marketing capabilities and automated order processes with an integrated JDE eCommerce store and portal

Utilizing the infrastructure of your existing JDE EnterpriseOne ERP an eCommerce  integration solution allows companies to use their website as a conduit for increasing product sales and efficiency.

As eCommerce integration experts, we love working with Magento by Adobe Commerce. With its flexible and adaptable modules, Magento by Adobe Commerce allows every site to be modified according to a company's needs.

From special pricing and account management to requests for quotes and easy-to-change product placement and promotions, Magento by Adobe Commerce is an easy-to-maintain storefront that fulfills the needs of your IT team and Marketing team.

Magento by Adobe Commerce integrated seamlessly with JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne to create an easy-to-use, easy-to-manage eCommerce Integration Solution for B2B and B2C companies.

  • B2B and B2C Ordering
  • Account Management Capabilities
  • Customer Portals with Special Pricing
  • Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Opportunities
  • Advanced Search Features
  • Inventory Updates through scheduled data flows

Find the JDE eCommerce Solution That's Right For You

The Importance of a JDE eCommerce Integration

JDE eCommerce Integrations allow companies to sell more, at a faster pace, to more people resulting in increased revenue and repeat customers

While traditionally B2B companies shyed away from eCommerce experiences, that trend has changed as more people prefer digital buying experiences. By integrating JDE with a full eCommerce solution, B2B and B2C customers can place and manage their own orders, while your marketing team promotes products according to unique buyer history and preferences. 

These techniques result in higher order value, repeat customers, and improved customer loyalty that would not be attainable without a successful JDE eCommerce solution.