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Magento Commerce 1 Support Services and Migration Planning Guide


Don't have your migration plan in place? Don't panic. We can help you weather the storm of transitioning to Magento Commerce 2 and help your Magento 1 site through the upcoming support changes. 

Magento Commerce Migration Support Services

Technical Support

Support for your site is critical, especially as Magento Commerce moves away from Magento 1 support. If your site is down for half of a day, how much money have you lost? Having a dedicated support team will ensure that those hiccups don’t have an overwhelming effect on your bottom line.

Strategy + Site Planning

At some point if you want to take full advantage of what Magento Commerce has to offer to grow your business, you’ll eventually  want to be on Magento 2. Let us help you plan for your future Commerce and help you meet your eCommerce goals.

Improved Functionality

Working with our team on a support basis will prepare your site for the move to Magento 2 when your organization is ready. In the meantime, we can help identify opportunities to further automate business processes, reduce transaction cost, and improve user experience.

Dedicated, Experienced Team

Gain access to a team of talented,  trained, and certified Magento developers when you need them.
Hiring Briteskies provides you with an experienced staff ready to go, all for less cost than hiring full-time staff.

Magento Commerce Migration Resources

Access the Fast-Track Business Planning Guide, designed to help you quickly and efficiently create a plan for rapid growth

Download the Magento Fast-Track Migration Checklist, an eight-page checklist to help you plan your migration from M1 to M2

Ready to learn more?

Download the Magento Fast Track Migration Business Plan

Lessons Learned: Making the Move from
Magento 1 to Magento Commerce 2 



Check out this blog for additional insight on the following M2 topics:

M2 Lessons Learned

  • Data migration tips
  • Admin changes
  • Development differences
  • How to get started

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Key Project Benefits:

  • Key data components are managed in one system
  • Eliminated dual manual entry
  • Streamlined the ordering process
  • Implemented customer specific pricing

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KT Tape

Project results:

  • 42% increase in transactions
  • 24% decrease in bounce rate
  • 14% increase in revenue
  • 12% increase in page views

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49% growth in revenue/sales

39% growth in conversions

10% increase in
average order value

They are actually passionate about what they do. Very refreshing to have that kind of customer service and commitment. The website came out better than what I asked for and expected! Our customers are happier! Our sales on the website grew the first month we went live!

Julianna Farresta
CVI Laser Optics

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