Learn how a Magento Managed Services Agreement can protect your site from unintended downtime, security threats, or performance hazards.

Improved site performance

Site monitoring tools alert team members to any changes in performance that can negatively impact the user experience.

decreased site security risks

Urgent security updates can be handled in a timely fashion before harm comes to your Magento online store.

safeguard your user experience

Protect for the present and plan for the future. Happy customers translate into more traffic and increased revenue.

A Magento Managed Services Agreement is your answer!

Software Patches

Avoid delays in installing Magento software. Updates of new releases occur as they happen.


Timely updates of security patches safeguard customer information and guarantee optimal site performance.

Dedicated Support

Access to a full team of certified Magento Developers ready to assist you when you need it.

  • In reality, most support work doesn’t require a full, 100% dedicated team to maintain.
  • Hiring full-time staff can be an expensive undertaking without providing valuable benefits. 
  • Gain access to a team of talented, trained, and certified Magento developers when you need them.
  • Your site receives the necessary updates in a timely manner and at a lower rate and you get back to business as usual.
"Post-implementation support has been exceptional. At go-live, Briteskies provided extra support for unplanned tasks and database updates when needed and they have helped us fine-tune the custom interfaces to our Oracle ERP system."


Our team works with you to prevent site issues through uptime performance monitoring for both your infrastructure and Magento site, as well as page load measurement, transaction monitoring, and additional periodic reporting.


Utilize our expertise to assist with import/export tasks, merchandising and promotion setup, content loading and formatting, Magento reporting, Admin configuration, and analytics interpretation.


Let us help you plan for future eCommerce initiatives based on data provided by your current site. Stay ahead of the competition by looking forward to new possibilities.

Managed Services Support 


Go it Alone           

Standard Support

Advanced Support

Plugin & Extension Audit    X X
Security Updates   X X
Software Patches   X X
Site Uptime Monitoring   X X
Page Load Review   X X
Transaction Monitoring   X X
Real User Monitoring   X X
Dedicated Support Hours   X X
Training   X X
Reporting   X X
Performance Enhancements     X
Enhanced Security Protections     X
Multi-Device Testing     X
Automated Testing     X
Full-Stack Analysis & Monitoring     X
Amplified Site Uptime Monitoring & Alerts     X
Analytics Recommendations     X
Strategic Planning     X



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